Angelica Donati spoke on RaiNews, in dialogue with Alessandra Sartore, undersecretary at the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), to discuss some key issues of the recovery and for the future of our economy, starting with the challenges for the sector buildings.

“We expect the growth of the construction sector that started in 2021 to continue into the new year. The Superbonus has had a positive effect, producing an increase of 12 billion in added value.

In these weeks the construction sites of the large PNRR infrastructure projects will start and it is important that this restart, which has just begun, is not blocked by the sharp rise in the prices of raw materials. If decisive action is not taken to tackle the problem – with a price review regime and interventions on the price lists of contracting stations – it is very difficult to imagine a correct implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

As regards employment, however, the twelve years of strong contraction in the sector have resulted in the loss of over 600,000 jobs. It will take some time to close this deficit, as a large proportion of the workers who have exited the market have retired or changed jobs altogether. The start-up of large infrastructural construction sites will also be decisive in this sense”.