“Superbonus: state of the art” – The interview with Angelica Donati

On "Quale Impresa," the magazine of Giovani Imprenditori Confindustria, Angelica Donati's interview to take stock of the Superbonus and delve into the prospects for the construction sector. "The Superbonus has brought several benefits and has shown how public co-investment and the possibility of assigning credits are essential to push private individuals to make their buildings [...]

Angelica Donati tells her path and story to Donna Moderna

Angelica Donati told Donna Moderna about her career path, the challenges she faces and, at times, the difficulties that women struggle against. "We live in a rapidly changing world, the last few years have emphasised this: if tomorrow is unpredictable, it is necessary to be flexible. As young people, we are committed to communicating the [...]

New skills, generational turnover and sustainable development: Angelica Donati’s speech at the 23rd Ance Giovani National Conference

'New skills, generational change and sustainable development: we need a long-term vision for the good of the country. As young entrepreneurs we have a duty to engage and be optimistic. Together we can and want to build a future in which construction is not just a sector, but a system capable of transforming Italy for [...]

Ecological transition and sustainability: Angelica Donati’s reflection on Green&Blue – la Repubblica

"Investment in sustainability and decarbonisation represents a cost that can nevertheless bring long-term benefits. The construction sector is changing, but needs a structural aid plan to activate green policies. We know how the market and investors are looking with increasing interest at companies that focus on sustainability as a strategic asset. In this context, dialogue [...]

Angelica Donati on “Morning News” – Canale 5

"Superbonus: the 30 billion euros in stranded credits have caused a large number of construction sites to come to a halt, putting more than 33,000 businesses and 350,000 families at risk. Immediate solutions are needed to unlock them, and a congruous extension is needed to complete the ongoing construction work on apartment buildings in order [...]

Angelica Donati’s talk at TEDx Vibo Valentia

Angelica Donati attended the first TEDx in ViboValentia, which transformed the city into a place of inspiration and sharing of ideas. "Courage, cooperation and flexibility. From these elements we must start to trace new horizons, make room for talent and build the future. The volatility of our time requires us to adopt new approaches to [...]

Angelica Donati on “Bloomberg Surveillance” on Italian economic scenario and PNRR

Angelica Donati joined "Bloomberg Surveillance", hosted by Francine Lacqua, to discuss several important topics, including the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan and the current supply chain, inflation and labour shortage issues in the construction sector.

Energy transition in the construction sector: Angelica Donati on SkyTG24

Angelica Donati was Andrea Bignami's guest on SkyTG24 Economy, in the episode opened by the Minister for the Environment and Energy Security Gilberto Pichetto Fratin. "The energy efficiency of Italian buildings is one of the most important challenges to be faced. In order to achieve this goal, structural measures are needed to incentivise private individuals [...]

Angelica Donati on “Sportello Italia” – Rai Radio1

"The new contracts code has agreeable principles, but as Ance we see criticalities in its implementation. In addition, the 'rush' introduction may create a regulatory shock that would slow down the implementation of the PNRR, a risk we cannot and must not take. An appropriate accompanying period for entry into force will be needed. Projects for [...]

“Green Brick”: Angelica Donati at ReputationUP Observatory podcast

"How can we renew the construction sector under the banner of green, to respond to the most urgent challenges of our time? The construction sector can guarantee growth based on economic, social and environmental sustainability". Angelica Donati talked about this in the "ReputationUP Observatory" podcast, hosted by journalist Elia Cavarzan, to bring the voice of [...]

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