On “Quale Impresa,” the magazine of Giovani Imprenditori Confindustria, Angelica Donati’s interview to take stock of the Superbonus and delve into the prospects for the construction sector.

“The Superbonus has brought several benefits and has shown how public co-investment and the possibility of assigning credits are essential to push private individuals to make their buildings more efficient. But the stoppage of construction sites due to the credit freeze has sent families and businesses into crisis. We are aware of the complexity of the situation, with potential litigation and numerous unfinished construction sites, and have long called for an orderly closure of the measure.

Continuing to invest in energy efficiency and growth is crucial, and to do so we need stability and certainty. We are calling for a long-term industry business plan that allows companies to plan regularly, including in view of the upcoming Green Homes Directive.”

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