“For too long women have been told that talking about money (or wages) is vulgar. The truth is that money is freedom, empowerment, and emancipation, and financial independence is a key to achieving gender equality”.

Angelica Doanti spoke at the event “Obiettivo 5”, organized by Corriere della Sera and La27ora with Io Donna and Le Contemporanee in the lecture halls of Sapienza University of Rome, to discuss the issues related to gender equality, to build the path and achieve together goal number five of the UN agenda, which calls for striving to “achieve gender equality and self-determination for all women and girls.”

With Lecturer Azzurra Rinaldi, economist, director School of Gender Economics, University of Rome Unitelma Sapienza and Ivana Neffat, coordinator Banking Academy – ESG Italy , UniCredit, and with journalist Andrea Ducci.