Angelica Donati told Donna Moderna about her career path, the challenges she faces and, at times, the difficulties that women struggle against.

“We live in a rapidly changing world, the last few years have emphasised this: if tomorrow is unpredictable, it is necessary to be flexible. As young people, we are committed to communicating the great added value that a job in our sector can give people: the #building industry is a district in the midst of innovation and a new generation is needed to be able to build the #future.

We must challenge and break down stereotypes. Sometimes certain characteristics, declined in feminine terms, take on a negative tinge. I don’t hide: I have always been a big nerd, but I am also ambitious and determined. We must always claim our qualities, talents and ambitions as women.

To young people, and especially girls, I repeat: never be discouraged by prejudices and never be afraid of making mistakes. You need to study, because with preparation you can tackle anything. And never be afraid of making mistakes, because we can learn from our mistakes to start again, strong in our experiences’.

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