Angelica Donati attended the first TEDx in ViboValentia, which transformed the city into a place of inspiration and sharing of ideas.

“Courage, cooperation and flexibility. From these elements we must start to trace new horizons, make room for talent and build the future. The volatility of our time requires us to adopt new approaches to respond to rapid and often unpredictable changes. We need to rethink our training model, to adapt it to the needs of society and maximise the potential of the new generations’.

A meeting to talk about ‘courage’ in its many declinations: to break down barriers, to found a company, to restart a life path or an entire country. Participants included Debora Massari, co-founder of Iginio Massari Alta Pasticceria, Antonino Monteleone, journalist and envoy of Le Iene, Max Mariola, chef and youtuber, Pippo Callipo, CEO of Callipo Group, Domenico De Rosa, CEO of SMET, Sonia Bruganelli, Gabriella Scapicchio, CEO of Le Village by Credit Agricole, and many others.