Angelica Donati’s interview on “L’Identità” on the Italian political scenario

article by RITA CAVALLARO on L'Idendità, October 21st, 2022. At the dawn of Giorgia Meloni's office in government, the banners are raised from the world of women. Not on the wave of a political ideology, but for the pride of conquest. Because a premier woman can plastically represent the cultural divide in gender equality and [...]

Angelica Donati to Class CNBC on the energy crisis and the future of the construction sector

"The slowing down or blocking of construction sites is a real risk that would endanger the implementation of the NRP. We cannot afford this. The next government will have to guarantee certain timeframes for works and effective responses, also in terms of policy". At LineaMercati on Class CNBC, hosted by Gualtiero Lugli, Angelica Donati spoke [...]

“The future is now”, Angelica Donati the 30th Forum of Scenari Immobiliari

"A sustainable future is above all an innovative future. We have to embrace a long-term vision, based on a transversal integration of data and intentions, because this is the primary condition for creating smart-cities and BIM dwellings. Fulfilling our decarbonisation commitments is an essential element for accessing the PNRR resources, anchored to the European GreenDeal. [...]

Angelica Donati on RaiNews – Giovani Imprenditori Confindustria

Angelica Donati spoke to Rai News at the Giovani Confindustria Conference in Rapallo "PaesEuropa", to discuss the future of the construction sector. "Businesses need to be able to plan and schedule their investments over the long term. In recent years, thousands of companies have reconverted to cope with the pandemic crisis and are now in [...]

Angelica Donati on RaiNews24 about Superbonus 110%

Angelica Donati was a guest of Gianluca Semprini on RaiNews24 to talk about the Superbonus 110%. "The Superbonus110 is the one with the greatest number of rules and controls, unlike the other bonuses. it is rightly spoken in recent months that the super bonus has not been known, as shown by the data of the [...]

Efficiency and Digitization for Public Administration purchases. Tenders for Engineering, Architecture and Works

Angelica Donati spoke at the opening of the event "Efficiency and Digitization for Public Administration Purchases. Engineering, Architecture and Works Contracts", organized at the Senate by Sen. De Poli in collaboration with ANCE Giovani and with the participation of CONSIP. "Young entrepreneurs have always been pioneers in issues related to innovation, simplification and efficiency. As [...]

Angelica Donati interviewed on Rainews about the challenges for economy

Angelica Donati spoke on RaiNews, in dialogue with Alessandra Sartore, undersecretary at the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), to discuss some key issues of the recovery and for the future of our economy, starting with the challenges for the sector buildings. "We expect the growth of the construction sector that started in 2021 to [...]

Donati interviewed on Class CNBC

Recovery of the construction sector, the opportunities of "Superbonus" and the risks related to raw materials. Angelica Donati talked about it in "Outlook 2022" on Class CNB, hosted by Gualtiero Lugli. "2021 was the year of the restart also for the construction sector. The year that is about to end has brought us out of [...]

Angelica Donati elected president of ANCE Giovani

ANCE: Angelica Donati new president of the Youth. Also elected the new team of vice-presidents for the next three years. "I am proud of the election as National President of the National Youth Group. I thank my colleagues for the trust they have shown me, the past presidents, Regina De Albertis and Roberta Vitale for [...]

Angelica Donati on TG2 Italia on the Superbonus

"With the so called "Decreto Semplificazioni bis" issued by the Government, the procedures for using the Superbonus have been greatly streamlined, generating an increase in the interventions launched in the second half of the year: for this reason it is essential that the measure be extended to ensure citizens have the time to exploit it. [...]

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