Angelica Donati was a guest of Gianluca Semprini on RaiNews24 to talk about the Superbonus 110%.

“The Superbonus110 is the one with the greatest number of rules and controls, unlike the other bonuses. it is rightly spoken in recent months that the super bonus has not been known, as shown by the data of the Revenue Agency. Also on the subject of prices, there are irrefutable data that show that the party well before it entered the 110 bonus. Certainly, it is obvious that the increase in demand also linked to this measure leads to an increase in prices, but the Superbonus cannot in any way be pointed out as the only culprit of this phenomenon. public money must be protected with great rigor and attention. I count, I really am. On the other hand, common sense is also needed: those who have never built buildings cannot become entrepreneurs and give it overnight. The first objective must be to distinguish improvised companies from serious and virtuous companies. To protect workers, honest entrepreneurs, citizens and even the entire national system “.