Angelica Donati spoke at the opening of the event “Efficiency and Digitization for Public Administration Purchases. Engineering, Architecture and Works Contracts”, organized at the Senate by Sen. De Poli in collaboration with ANCE Giovani and with the participation of CONSIP.

“Young entrepreneurs have always been pioneers in issues related to innovation, simplification and efficiency. As a construction sector, we are still raising our cry of alarm. The sector has driven the economic recovery, we have contributed to 2 of the six points of GDP growth in 2021, but today we find ourselves in an unsustainable condition due to a series of decisive factors, from the lack of manpower to the increase in the price of materials, which risk compromising the implementation of the PNRR. to save companies. For the private market, it is necessary to unlock the liquidity of the fiscal currency and lengthen the bonus times.

For the public, if an extension of the PNRR is not possible then the allocations must be increased, with an update of the prices of the jobs in new works and the introduction of a real revision mechanism in contracts. Otherwise, the PNRR is doomed to fail. zzing and simplifying are necessities that can no longer be postponed to make the public works sector more efficient, reduce time and thus allow the realization of the projects and infrastructures envisaged in the PNRR.The vehicles proposed to make public procurement more efficient are an excellent first step, on to insist on. Public and private must act together, in synergy, each for their own responsibilities and competences, to contribute to the rebirth. We cannot miss this opportunity to trigger new development processes “