Recovery of the construction sector, the opportunities of “Superbonus” and the risks related to raw materials. Angelica Donati talked about it in “Outlook 2022” on Class CNB, hosted by Gualtiero Lugli.

2021 was the year of the restart also for the construction sector. The year that is about to end has brought us out of a crisis that lasted over 12 years and saw our sector protagonist of the country’s recovery, with growth of 15%, the highest in Europe. At the moment, however, the recovery is at risk.

The phenomenon of inflation that has affected many raw materials, from steel to wood and concrete, is having a worrying impact on the entire sector and will not be resolved in a few months. Like @Ance, we asked Minister Giovannini and the President Draghi interventions even more incisive than those already planned for the first half of 2022, which cover only a part of the increases and are not sufficient to prevent the blockade. We cannot risk the #PNRR stopping even before taking off“.