“The MIPIM Proptech conference in Paris – Challenges and opportunities of the digital revolution for developing the building sector” is the title of the article authored by Angelica Donati for the September 2018 edition of L’Industria delle Costruzioni, the ANCE (Italian National Association of Constructors) magazine published by Edilstampa.

Angelica Donati recounts her experience at the conference in Paris, exploring challenges and opportunities for the effective implementation of future proptech technologies.

Without readily available and shared data and information, it will be difficult to imagine a future, whether in the near or mid term, in which the real estate sector will be able to take advantage of particularly sophisticated technologies.

Private companies that are willing to share their data regarding the public domain will be an essential part of this process. A good example is Uber’s traffic data, which will be essential for the development of smart cities.

“Regarding blockchain – Angelica Donati explains, elaborating on the topic of her first piece for AGI – “smart contracts” are the main point of focus, i.e. contracts (of any kind) negotiated on an irreversible digital protocol, without the involvement of third parties.

Smart contracts, however, are just the tip of the iceberg with regards to blockchain. In fact, the true potential of this technology will be realised when payments or land registry transactions can be digitalised on the blockchain”.

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