Journalist Roberta Capua interviewed Angelica Donati for the “Donne Impresa” column in la Repubblica newspaper, and got an insight on  her personal and professiona journeys.

The article starts with a focus on Angelica Donati’s various accedemic and professional achievements. These range from London to Oxford, from Goldman Sachs to the foundation of Donati Immobiliare Group, through Ralph Lauren and the creation of the startup Houzen.

“Since the start of my career I have always commuted between London and Italy,” said Angelica Donati, who then goes on to describe her years at Goldman Sachs. “It was incredible training, that taught me the importance of working hard and showing spirit of initiative “.

Her family plays an important role in her life “I have always admired my father, he inspires me. He was my strongest supporter in business. My mother is a key figure in both my private and professional life, an important reference point for me. She is my role model, a strong woman who singlehandedly made herself in the complicated world of showbiz. Her determination taught me to make my way in the work world, overcoming the difficulties that us women sometimes have to face”.

The interview also touched upon the impact of innovation in the real estate sector and the possible repercussions that political occurrencies in the USA and the United Kingdom might have on the markets.

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