Angelica Donati’s interview for the “Women in business” column of la Repubblica – Economy

Journalist Roberta Capua interviewed Angelica Donati for the “Donne Impresa” column in la Repubblica newspaper, and got an insight on  her personal and professiona journeys. The article starts with a focus on Angelica Donati’s various accedemic and professional achievements. These range from London to Oxford, from Goldman Sachs to the foundation of Donati Immobiliare Group, [...]

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Angelica Donati is in the top 100 thirty-year-old Italians in business

The monthly magazine Capitalchose Angelica Donati for its list of the top 100 thirty-year-old Italians who represent the business future of the country. The magazine compiled a who’s who of thirty-year-old Italians who are distinguishing themselves in the world of business, the professions, science and politics. Angelica Donati’s academic and professional career are highlighted, as [...]

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Angelica Donati’s success story on the cover of Espansione magazine

The cover of the January issue of Espansione, the economic magazine of Il Giornale, is dedicated to Angelica Donati, and portrays her as an example of Italian success abroad. The article showcases Angelica Donati’s professional career and highlghts her work in the United Kingdom and the creation of the innovative startup Houzen. Espansione is one [...]

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Property Week, the UK’s leading B2B real estate

Property Week, the UK's leading B2B real estate publication, interviewed Angelica Donati to talk about Houzen, the innovative startup she co-founded. The goal of the platform is to help landlords to find the right tenants, reducing time spent and improving property returns. Houzen leverages the potential of its network of London agents to match real estate [...]

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