New Bridge In Genoa Opens To Traffic Two Years After Deadly Collapse

A gleaming new bridge in Genoa built after the deadly collapse of a viaduct opened Tuesday, but critics say not enough has been done since the 2018 disaster to overhaul Italy's crumbling infrastructure. The Morandi's speedy demolition and replacement has been hailed by many as an example of what Italy could be, should it scrap [...]

Angelica Donati nominata Presidente ANCE Lazio Giovani

L’assemblea di ANCE Lazio Giovani ha eletto Angelica Donati nuovo Presidente Regionale, prima donna a ricoprire la carica. Benedetta Stirpe e Andrea Adami sono stati nominati vicepresidenti. Imprenditrice e manager nel settore Real Estate e delle costruzioni, Angelica Donati è Head of Business Development di Donati SpA, consolidata società di progettazioni, costruzioni e partecipazioni che [...]

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Donati to Re2bit: “More technology to help with the lockdown, also in the Real Estate sector. Uncertainty on financing”

Re2bit, the Italian portal specialized in proptech, had a chat with Angelica Donati, CEO of Donati Immobiliare Group. At the center of the interview Real Estate, Covid-19 and the effects of the pandemic on the real estate and construction sector. According to Donati, with activities between Rome, London and New York, the systemic shock caused [...]

The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on SMEs – Angelica Donati on Bloomberg

Angelica Donati Head of Business Development at Donati Spa, Sme in civil and infrastructure construction also present in the UK and USA. "Banks tell us they don't yet know what action they should take off the back of the latest government decree regarding business loan guarantees, and in some cases they have yet to implement [...]

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Coronavirus economic crisis and Golden Power: the thougs of Angelica Donati for The Wall Street Journal

Italian governments has stiffen defenses of domestic businesses vulnerable, to bargain hunting during economic downturn caused by COVID19. Angelica Donati, a former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. banker who now leads a real-estate development company in Rome, supports the Italian government’s policy as long as it is temporary. Mr. Conte said the broadening of his golden [...]

Angelica Donati’s interview with Agorà – Rai 2 on Brexit

Brexit has introduced a radical change in the European scenario, but it is a choice that weakens and does not reinforce on the political and economic point of view. To compete in the global scenario requires unity and cohesion. Angelica Donati discussed it at Agorà, the Rai 2 (Italian national broadcast) TV program hosted by [...]

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Angelica Donati on CNBC International about infrastructure in Italy

On Squawk Box on CNBC International, Angelica Donati was asked if, now that the UK is definitely leaving the EU, Italy will be next. Young manager's answer was "definitely not, if we have any sense at all. No EU country can compete against the US and China on its own".  

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Angelica Donati on Rai IsoRadio: smart cities in the Middle East and in Italy

Angelica Donati, delegate for internationalization and Member of the Presidency Council of ANCE Giovani, interviewed by Rai Isoradio about "PropTech Middle East", the event which took place in Dubai and she attended as a speaker, and address the issue of the prospects for smart cities and the differences in the development of cities in the [...]

Angelica Donati interviewed at Sottovoce – Rai 1

Angelica Donati was a guest of Sottovoce, the show hosted by journalist Gigi Marzullo on RAI 1, which covers the personal, artistic and professional journeys of important names in the worlds of sport, entertainment, business and culture, revealing their inner workings and their passions. The interview was an opportunity to explore Angelica Donati’s personal and [...]