by Angelica Donati*

Italy is experiencing complex days, facing an emergency capable of generating deadly (and potentially devastating) effects not only on health, but also on the economic and social level, changing the daily habits of all of us and deeply affecting on the Italian entrepreneurial fabric, at all levels.

A situation that can only be addressed by appealing to everyone’s sense of responsibility – Government, businesses and citizens – in favor of constructive collaboration for the management and overcoming of the health emergency and the resulting economic emergency.

With the latest decrees, the Government has recognized the importance of the continuity of all economic, production and work activities, testifying to the great sensitivity towards the business system and the awareness of its centrality to guarantee the functionality of the whole country, starting from Families will soon need decisive and concrete strategies to support the economy, both through urgent measures and with targeted actions to compensate for current market conditions and falling demand.

This is an opportunity to transform the challenge that Italy is facing in the opportunity to recover a civic sense and a spirit of community.

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