Milan, December 13th 2018

After the nomination of Regina De Albertis as head of ANCE Giovani, the association has today elected Angelica Krystle Donati as Delegate for Internationalization and Member of the Presidency Council for the next three years.

A graduate in Management from the London School of Economics (LSE), Angelica Krystle Donati has gained decades of experience in the construction and real estate development, marketing and finance sectors. Today he works in the family business as CEO of Donati Immobiliare Group SpA, an international “property developer” that the entrepreneur set up in 2012 with the aim of managing the real estate development operations of Donati SpA.

“I am proud to be able to continue contributing to the internationalization of ANCE Youth, opening up the construction sector to the new challenges and opportunities that come from foreign markets” – commented Angelica Donati – “The goal for the next three years is to build on work done in the first three years of the Internationalization Group’s life. We have three clear objectives: operational, training and institutional activities “.

ANCE Giovani will continue the collaboration with the group of the International SME led by Gaetano Vecchio, as well as supporting the participation of ANCE Giovani in Dubai 2020. From the training data, a series of meetings and seminars will be organized with the aim of giving companies the skills needed to work abroad, as well as more technical meetings with some of the structures in which the European institutions are organized in order to understand how the planning is being planned for the coming years. Finally, the comparison and the visibility of ANCE Giovani on the theme of internationalization at institutional level will be increased, both continuing the path of the G20 YEA undertaken with the Confindustria GIs, and with a series of ANCE Youth events aimed abroad.

The appointment of Angelica Krystle Donati, who had held the office in the last three years, is the result of her long international experience and bears witness to the importance that foreign markets have for the ANCE Youth.

The young entrepreneur is also a director of the YEP Global (London-based Young Entrepreneurs in Property), and a member of the BPF (British Property Federation) and NFB (National Federation of Builders). Angelica writes about proptech and innovation in real estate and in constructions sector for Forbes magazine.

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