Angelica Donati has started her collaboration with Forbes, one of the global leading newspapers on business, technology, entrepreneurship and lifestyle.

As a contributo Angelica Donati will publish on Forbes a series of articles dedicated to deepening the impact of digital technologies on the real estate, construction and property sector, as well as on everyone’s daily life.

In his first article, “7 questions about Proptech that will make you look like a professional“, the young entrepreneur and manager explains the main trends in the sector, and in particular the relevance of proptech (compound word, similarly to the better-known fintech, from the terms “property” and “technology”).

Proptech is a phenomenon which is starting to get noticed outside the circle of experts: investments have skyrocketed, from 186 million euro to a global level in 2011 to 2.67 billion dollars in 2016.

In her article on Forbbes, Angelica Donati then presents a series of examples of possible application that highlight – together with the sharp change occurring in the sector – the great potential of technology for Real Estate.

A complete reflection, without neglecting to deepen the main issues related to the governance of the phenomenon and the protection of privacy of users and citizens.