Blockchain is increasingly considered the technology that will drive the change in the real estate. Mitchell Labiak discussed and analysed this topic in an article on Property Week, in which he collects the opinions of experts in the field, including Angelica Donati.

In fact, last year took place the first real estate transaction through blockchain technology: the £ 700m purchase of a property in Trowbridge. Advocates argue that blockchain could potentially speed up almost every real estate activity in what an incredibly paper-heavy industry is currently.

However, despite its potential, blockchain will hardly revolutionize the sector in a short time. This is the opinion of Angelica Donati, interviewed in the Property Week article.

The CEO of the Donati Immobiliare Group argues “When you’re talking about exchanging vast amounts of money off the back of something that’s still quite unproven, people are rightly conservative about that”.

Donati herself believes that most of the companies in the sector will adopt a wait-and-see strategy: “I don’t think real estate is going to be the industry that sets the trend. We’ll follow the trend. Once we’re paying for our coffees using blockchain transactions, then we’ll for sure be using it to pay our rent”.