Angelica Donati is part of the 2018 RESI Trailblazers list by Property Week

At Property Week’s RESI Convention this month, the inaugural list of RESI Trailblazers was unveiled. This brings together professionals and entrepreneurs identified as disruptors and innovators, and those who have blazed a trail in the residential sector. Angelica Donati is proudly listed among the RESI Trailblazers. The welcome reception, sponsored by Cluttons, was a great [...]

Angelica Donati becomes a contributor for Forbes

Angelica Donati has started her collaboration with Forbes, one of the global leading newspapers on business, technology, entrepreneurship and lifestyle. As a contributo Angelica Donati will publish on Forbes a series of articles dedicated to deepening the impact of digital technologies on the real estate, construction and property sector, as well as on everyone's daily [...]

Angelica Donati talks about the MIPIM Proptech of Paris in the ANCE magazine

"The MIPIM Proptech conference in Paris - Challenges and opportunities of the digital revolution for developing the building sector" is the title of the article authored by Angelica Donati for the September 2018 edition of L'Industria delle Costruzioni, the ANCE (Italian National Association of Constructors) magazine published by Edilstampa. Angelica Donati recounts her experience at [...]

Technology is driving towards a change of paradigm for real estate

Angelica Donati is a columnist for Property Week, UK's leading B2B magazine for real estate. In his third article, she shares a reflection on the turning point in Real Estate, not only as a result of the proptech impact but a shift towards a new paradigm of the sector. The basis of this change is [...]

Internet of Things will make the building “smart”: the future of the real estate as seen at Mipim Proptech

Angelica Donati continues her collaboration with the blog of AGI | Agenzia Giornalistica Italia, to deepen the impact that digital technologies can have on real estate and on everyone's daily life. After talking about blockchain, the second article is dedicated to IoT, the Internet of Things, gathering some ideas that emerged from the MIPIMPropTech conference [...]

Angelica Donati interviewed by Property Week about the application of blockchain to real estate

Blockchain is increasingly considered the technology that will drive the change in the real estate. Mitchell Labiak discussed and analysed this topic in an article on Property Week, in which he collects the opinions of experts in the field, including Angelica Donati. In fact, last year took place the first real estate transaction through blockchain [...]

Key topics from Mipim Proptech Europe

A long article published by Property Week – the leading UK B2B magazine on real estate -  highlights the key topics of MIPIM Proptech Europe 2018, the event held at the Palais des Congrès in Paris as a spinoff of MIPIM, the main global event dedicated to real estate. Angelica Donati was one of the [...]

From blockchain to smart contracts, how Real Estate can benefit from digital innovation

Angelica Donati recently inaugurated her collaboration with Blog Italia of AGI | Agenzia Giornalistica Italia. The aim is to investigate a variety of proptech related themes, and explain the impact that digital technologies can have on the Real Estate sector and on our daily lives. The first article is dedicated to blockchain, one of the [...]

Here comes the year of proptech, with growing popularity and new applications

Angelica Donati continues her collaboration with Property Week, the leading magazine for the real estate sector in the UK. In her last article, "This is the year propitech comes of age", Angelica Donati discussed how 2018 could be the year in which the proptech sector will reach maturity, both with its widespread popularity and [...]

How technology will change real estate

In an article on Property Week, a real estate magazine, Angelica Donati discussed the future of the real estate sector and the impact that digital transformation will have on it. The article is based on a 2017 research paper, published by the RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) and co-authored by Angelica Donati and [...]