Angelica Donati continues her collaboration with Property Week, the leading magazine for the real estate sector in the UK.

In her last article, “This is the year propitech comes of age”, Angelica Donati discussed how 2018 could be the year in which the proptech sector will reach maturity, both with its widespread popularity and the opportunity for investments to start bearing fruit.

Proptech is an increasingly important topic of public debate for the sector. It was one of the key themes of Mipim 2018; and it now has its own dedicated spinoff, Mipim Proptech Europe, which will be held in Paris from 20 to 21 June.

In her article, Angelica Donati highlights key recent events, which illustrate the growth not only of investments, but also of the interest from companies in the opportunities offered by proptech. This ranges from capital commitments by private equity funds to commercial partnerships signed by giants such as Tesco and indicates that real estate technologies are showing significant growth margins.

Donati’s reflection on Property Week ends with an open question: has proptech become mainstream? According to Angelica Donati, it certainly is in terms of user awareness, while actual adoption will still take some time.

Data – with the possibility of building a system for it to be shared – will be a determining factor for the success and above all the diffusion and implementation of the technologies that connect real estate with the digital world.