Angelica Donati partecipated in “Counting the Cost” on AlJazeera TV, hosted by journalist Nick Clark to talk about Italy’s new PM, Mario Draghi.

“The Italian economy has deep and long-term problems, starting with the burden of bureaucracy. But the Presidente Draghi has the skills and above all the international reputation to be able to reverse the situation and lead the recovery.

The public debt problem remains huge, but there are equally urgent open issues to address. Like the theme of #work, to recover the jobs lost due to the pandemic and promote Gender Equity, given that female workers were among the first and most affected by this situation. Gender equality is also an economic necessity, because integrating women into the world of work can have a great impact in terms of economic development and national wealth.

The construction sector also plays a central role in the recovery of the Italian economy, starting with the infrastructure system, which is strategic to support all the other production and service sectors” – said Angelica Donati.