Property Week, the UK’s leading B2B real estate publication, interviewed Angelica Donati to talk about Houzen, the innovative startup she co-founded.

The goal of the platform is to help landlords to find the right tenants, reducing time spent and improving property returns. Houzen leverages the potential of its network of London agents to match real estate demand and supply.

Speaking of her business’ main ambition, Angelica Donati said: “It’s to shift from simple tech-efficient operations to tech-heavy. We think that for our job in the residential space, the real added value will be machine learning driven by big data and by what we like to call ‘intelligence augmentation’. It’s basically AI but the other way around. Rather than replacing humans, it is about enhancing what a human can do through tech.

We’re also very interested in natural language processing, which is something we’ve started looking at already. Part of the funds we’re raising are earmarked for research into these new technologies”.