The construction sector is experiencing a moment of deep transformation, driven on the one hand by the economic situation, and on the other by the global challenges due to technological innovation. This is a crisis that can indeed be turned into an opportunity for the entire sector.

These are some of the issues highlighted in the interview with the online magazine Scenari Internazionali by Regina De Albertis, doctor engineer and manager of Borio Magiarotti, who was recently elected to the presidency of ANCE Giovani.

A new approach is needed for the whole sector, to bring all stakeholders together and look for new opportunities in foreign markets: with regards to the latter, Angelica Donati has been tasked – within the Ance giovani presidency team – to lead the internationalization efforts.


Internationalization is one of the six key points of your three-year Presidency program. Many large and several medium-sized companies have already been looking abroad for years. What, according to the data at  your disposal, are the markets that present the greatest opportunities at this stage?

The current issues in our home market have pushed us sector operators to look across borders, but internationalization is not easy. First of all it is worth considering whether your company is able to deal with this situation independently, both from an economic and an organizational point of view. Otherwise you can join forces with others, using your own network of contacts.

There are many countries that present great opportunities: those in Eastern Europe, such as Hungary or Romania, and those in the developing world, such as the countries of the African continent. First of all, however, the political stability of the country in which you are thinking to invest must be carefully assessed. Then, we must adapt and prepare to go abroad, especially in a sector like ours, where internationalization involves significant investment, not only in economic terms but also in terms of time. It is fundamental, in fact, that the entrepreneur is present wherever he goes to work.

If you go abroad, in short, you have to create permanent local operations that will continue over time. I do not think that a one off project,  can have real benefits. As ANCE Giovani we often organize training visits and we try to put our members in touch with local businesses  because it is important to establish a partnership with local companies in order to kick start operation. In my team, Angelica Donati, who works with her company in the United States and the United Kingdom, leads this delegation with the goal of making Italian entrepreneurs aware of the tools they need to be able to move abroad.

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