Angelica Donati recently inaugurated her collaboration with Re2Bit – the Italian proptech community, the online media and digital platform, born as a spinoff of ReQuadro. The aim is to investigate a variety of proptech related themes, and explain the impact that digital technologies can have on the Real Estate sector and on our daily lives.

The digitalization of our daily life is a process that moves faster and faster, unstoppable and constant. Billions of people use their devices every day: between smartphones, tablets, computers and all the technological innovations of the last few years it is now very difficult to be completely offline.

Whenever we use the Internet or connect to some online platform, our data is collected by some IT tools – such as cookies – which have the purpose of extrapolating useful information for the market. These Big Data, that is large quantities of data, after being analyzed, thanks to complicated algorithms, allow to obtain additional and more precise information. It is easy to imagine how precious they are for companies.

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