In the last ten months, with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, our work and professional ecosystem has undergone a real revolution: technology has forcefully entered our daily routine and has structurally placed itself at the center of most of the processes. In conjunction with these transformations, the structural deficiencies of the Italian digital ecosystem have clearly emerged, deriving mainly from a long series of partial and incomplete investments that have lasted over the years.

Faced with this situation, the initiatives planned in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan to support digitization and innovation – the interoperability of PA databases, ultra-fast fiber optic networks, 5G and satellite monitoring – cover a fundamental role for the relaunch of Italy and for the country’s economic recovery. According to the DESI (Digital Economy and Society Index), Italy is 25th in Europe in terms of digitization, and last for basic and advanced digital skills: in a context in which the digital mediation of the PC screen has established itself as main relational and working paradigm, it is evident that such a positioning is not only a stain in the image of the country, but also a real problem that affects productivity.

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