Angelica Donati continues her collaboration with the blog of AGI | Agenzia Giornalistica Italia, to deepen the impact that digital technologies can have on real estate and on everyone’s daily life.

After talking about blockchain, the second article is dedicated to IoT, the Internet of Things, gathering some ideas that emerged from the MIPIMPropTech conference in Paris to illustrate how the digital revolution could radically change the real estate sector, with sensors at the service of smart cities.

The Mipim Proptech – the event that involves entrepreneurs and experts in the field of real estate and innovation – focused in particular on the challenges and possible obstacles for the effective implementation of proptech technologies.

The first element of interest is the need for open data and the sharing of information, an essential factor for the development and implementation of sophisticated technologies.

The second is linked to the evolution of the “customer experience” and to the change of paradigm and business models in the sector, for which companies are looking for new solutions to satisfy the needs of their customers.

In this sense, the opportunities offered by the Internet of things are very wide, especially regarding the optimization of resources. From electricity saving – automatically adjusting the lighting and air conditioning levels of buildings according to the use of spaces – to inventory management, cloud-connected sensors can make the use of any space.

Indeed, Angelica Donati explains how in the future it will be the same building to “take care of itself”, for example by signaling the depletion of product stocks and communicating it directly.

In the residential sector – concludes Angelica Donati – the implementation of IoT solutions may be more complex than in other areas, but it remains crucial to continue investing in research and development, and to strengthen collaboration with the public decision maker for the construction of governance tools. and simple and clear policies, to really exploit the opportunities offered by proptech.