A long article published by Property Week – the leading UK B2B magazine on real estate –  highlights the key topics of MIPIM Proptech Europe 2018, the event held at the Palais des Congrès in Paris as a spinoff of MIPIM, the main global event dedicated to real estate.

Angelica Donati was one of the proptech thought leaders interviewed for this article.

MIPIM Proptech’s success exceeded expectations: with prestigious speakers and over  1,500 attendees during its two days (20 and 21 June). From artificial intelligence to blockchain, from the development of smart cities to big data, the event was dedicated to understanding and exploring the key trends and attitude of the real estate sector towards technology.

On this theme, Angelica Donati underlined how, despite growing interest in proptech, the real estate sector can still be seen as “backwards” with regards to technology.

Interesting insights were given on big data for real estate and how its applications will have an impact on daily life, such as the reduction of costs and waste of resources.

Big data can help to better manage buildings, even in the most everyday use cases. To highlight this, Angelica Donati gave the example of how sensors in toilets can automatically re-order toilet paper when it runs out, an example of how tech and data cha help buildings to effectively “look after themselves”.

New technologies are bringing efficiencies and speed to traditional ways of working in the property industry. For example, AI can accelerate the pace of design and planning work. Or, blockchain – a topic to which Angelica Donati has dedicated the debut of her collaboration with the AGI blog – could soon become the norm for real estate deals, especially high value ones.